Everyone knows how expensive college is these day, so one of the best ways for students looking to get a college education is to go to a college that offers a full-tuition scholarship. Most of these schools will pay for your tuition and some added features, but most of them do not give you money for room and board and living expenses. Considering that the cost of College can range anywhere from few thousand dollars to over $50,000 going with a full-tuition Scholarship college seems the sure fire way to get a College education.

Here are some of the Colleges that offer full-tuition scholarships:

Alice Lloyd College is located in Pippa Passes, Kentucky. It is a small liberal arts college having fewer than 1,000 students and is considered a private school. If you are a full-time student from one of the 108 central Appalachian counties covering Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia, then the College guarantees no out-of-pocket tuition costs. This means they offer a full-tuition scholarship. Students can choose from over 30 undergraduate programs but they are responsible for paying for room and board. If necessary though students can get grants from the federal government to cover the cost of room and board.

Curtis Institute of Music is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If you are an aspiring musician this may be the school for you.  It is considered a small private music school, but they will offer you a full-tuition scholarship if you are very good at playing a musical instrument and are considered gifted. Their scholarship is considered a merit-based scholarship and is offered to students regardless of their financial situation. They do not cover room and board fees but you can always check out grants from the federal government to help cover these costs.

5 Schools That Offer Full-Tuition College Scholarship

Webb Institute is located in Glen Cove, New York.  This is an engineering school that offers a bachelor’s degree with 146-credits. It is a small school but is notated as a college that has one of the best career services to help you find jobs after you graduate. You do have to pay for housing and have the money to pay for their computers and software, but with grants or scholarships you can cover the cost.

Berea College is located in Berea, Kentucky. It has over 25 degree programs and over 50 campus organizations. Berea College is considered a liberal arts college. The college is open to students from low-income families and every student is offered a paying part-time job on campus. Students do have to pay for living on campus, but the college will pay for a full-tuition scholarship.

Macaulay Honors College is located in New York City, New York.  It is a liberal arts honors college in the most diverse city in the World. Students who are accepted there receive a full undergraduate tuition scholarship, a laptop, a cultural passport to different art and cultural venues in New York and a $7500 Opportunity Fund to “pursue global research, study, service and internships.”

To help pay for other college needs that a scholarship will not pay for, there is a central point for accessing financial aid for Education here in the United States. The Federal government has the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This works great as it will tell you (once you have filled everything out and submitted the application) what grants are available to you based on the information you provided. This makes it very easy for students and parents to get all the information they need to receive financial aid.

There are several other colleges that offer full-tuition scholarships throughout the country. A search of the internet can bring you a huge list of these types of schools. Some are specialized colleges while others are your standardized Universities and colleges. Full-Tuition Scholarships are the way to go for any student who is having a hard time financing College.

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