College is looming just around the corner and the time has come to start filling out those college scholarship applications. One of the most daunting tasks for any one applying for a college scholarship is writing the ESSAY. Writing is not a strong skill set for a lot of students. The fear of the unknown can actually make this harder than it really is.

Writing a compelling college scholarship essay is just a matter of following a few steps.

  • Follow Directions: One of the biggest mistakes most college students make when writing an essay is not to follow the directions. The essay usually has a specific question to be answered or a topic. It also gives you a word count. Students tend to start off on the right track but then stray away from the main topic or questions. They also tend to write too little or too much. So the best thing any student can do who is writing a college scholarship essay is to draw up an outline. Start with an introduction basically re-writing the question or topic. Outline the main part of the essay and finish up with a conclusion. Doing an outline will help the student to organize his or her thoughts and concentrate on the main topic of the essay. If the essay calls for a 400-500 word count then stay within those numbers, it really does matter to the judges reviewing the essay.
  • Do Your Research: Each college is different, and each college has its own mottos and mission statements. So research the college. See what type of students the college is interested in. Keep this in mind when writing your scholarship essay. Gear your answers towards their ideas. Don’t lie, just make sure whatever you are writing fits in with their agenda. Also make sure that you are knowledgeable about the topic they are asking you to write about. If you are not then again do some research so that you can answer their questions intelligently.
  • Introduction: The introduction on a scholarship essay is very important. This is a way to make a first impression and you want it to be a good one. Be clear and concise and be honest about yourself and your goals. Have confidence in yourself. Be passionate about the topic let your thoughts and ideas shine through.

How to Create Compelling College Scholarship Essays

  • Main body of the Essay:  Remember to stay on subject; do not wonder off in the telling of some un-related story, stay focused.  Make a rough draft and then go back over it and rewrite it adding or subtracting words. Try not to use words you would not use in your own vocabulary. Using words you do not understand the meaning to can ruin the whole scholarship essay. Write like you think. Now walk away for a little while. Then come back to your essay and go back over it again tweaking it so that is sounds more fluent. Another tip is do not write what you think the college judges want to hear, write what you think. You can never know what is on the scholarship committees’ minds.

Conclusion: In writing your conclusion, make sure to sum up your thoughts and ideas. Re-assert the question or topic and then bring it to a full and complete thought. Also use to the conclusion to bring forward any ideas you may want to insert, but remember stay on topic.

Other tips to help you write a scholarship essay:

  • Proofread, proofread and proofread again! Nothing spells out death on a college scholarship essay more than spelling and grammar mistakes. Most computers have a spell check and grammar check on their word programs, but they do not always pick up on easy mistakes like to, too and two. Have a parent or grammar geek friend read over your essay so they can catch any mistakes you may have missed.
  • Do not try to rush writing your scholarship essay. Give yourself plenty of time to do your research and write your essay and proofread your essay. Rushing through an essay causes too many mistakes and can lead to a poorly written essay.

If you follow these steps and tips then you should be able to write a well-rounded intelligent college scholarship essay. Don’t be afraid! Be Brave and Strong! You can write this essay and make it stand out to the scholarship committee. This is your best opportunity to impress the scholarship judges and let them pick you out of the crowd to attend their college.

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