If you wore glasses as a child, were you a the victim of teasing. Perhaps you might have wanted to hide behind glasses so as not to be so visible to people who teased you. You do notneed to hide any longer. There are scholarships for people with glasses that give you grants funding for your education if you can get the fee.

The openings are out there for bursaries, and if you have glasses, you can gain not only educational but also health aids from corporations and foundations that have a notice in helping people without perfect vision.

There are supplementary of these types of scholarships offered then you might think.

Cappex $1,000 Easy Money College Scholarship

This one of the easy to apply scholarship open to students with glasses. Fill out the applicationform for achance to win $1,000 worth of grant. Cappex has sponsored over 6million students with glasses to search, pursue acollege education. They are currently offering an opportunity you would not want to miss. Find the allocation form at{https://www.cappex.com/page/account/createStudent.jsp}

Scholarships for People with Glasses

Visine scholarship

Although this grant provides $500 worth of scholarship toVisine eye drops, its on of the best scholarship for people with glasses. For eligibility, you must possess the vision inside yourself, and you can move forward nad pursue your future despite wearing glasses.

The grant is only set for tuition expenses at the university. Check for more information and application deadline on theirofficial site {https://www.visine.com/scholarship}.

Community Health Care Scholarships for People with Glasses

This one of the nonprofit organisation that grants scholarship funds to the underserved, individualswho wear glasses and the uninsured individual in the community. Community health care also serves children with disabilities, by offering support programs in thepublic school of kids with disabilities. This one of those organisation that does many positive things for the fewer fortune people with medical needs and relate services.

The Replace My Contacts Scholarship

If you have benefitedfrom vision correction, then you are eligible to apply for this $1000 scholarship. Although you will have to write,a 500 words essay describing your vision or your experience with wearing glasses. The essay is not one of that academic one, thus easy to write. Find more information about the grant{http://www.replacemycontacts.com/topics/6276/1000-scholarship-essay-contest.mvc}.


Stanley Pearle Scholarships for People with Glasses

Vision research has been serving individuals with a vision issue. They are based in the US but operate around the world. OneSight funds the scholarship for people with glasses. Their clinics do the student primary care toindividuals who can’t afford quality eye care. For eligibility for the Dr Stanley Pearle Scholarship, you must be a student of optometry.

They also fund intended research into a possible cure for diabetic retinopathy.

The Council of Citizens with Low Vision Scholarships for People with Glasses

They offer a different type of scholarship to individual with a low level of vision who pursue higher education. Three students each year benefit for $3,000 each through the award. Find more information { http://www.cclvi.org/}

The purpose of awarding this scholarship include:

  • To offer a mechanism through which people with low vision can easily express their individual preferences, interest and personal needs.
  • Establishing the right if an individual with low vision to use all types of available aids, technology and services or full vision use.

To conclude:

There are also awards for those who wear glasses that go beyond simple scholarships to grant funds for research competitions for specialists in eye care. For more scholarship for people with glasses check {http://weirdscholarships.net/scholarships-for-people-with-glasses/}

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