Getting into further education can be tough without a scholarship behind you.  However, for many people, it’s not because of the money worries that prevent them from feeling confident and able to learn.  Hundreds with disabilities believe they won’t be accepted in a university or the school in which they wish to continue to study because of their disability.  To be honest, those who have disabilities can find they are almost prejudice against in one way or another at times, however, there are many great options to continue to study including the Google Lime Scholarship.

 What Is The Google Lime Scholarship?

The internet giant Google has teamed up with the non profit organization Lime Connect in order to create the perfect scholarship for students with disabilities.  This is one amazing opportunity for hundreds, if not millions of students who wish to study but cant because they don’t have the money to do so.  This is really for those who wish to study in the technology and computing field and can receive a grant of anything up to ten thousand dollars.  This is certainly going to allow many to take a great step into their further education.

Who Can Apply For This Scholarship?

There are some guidelines to follow in order for students to be eligible including:

  1. Students Must Be Enrolled In A Canadian Or US University For The Academic Year
  2. Have A Good Academic Record
  3. Students Need To Have A Invisible Or Vision Disability
  4. Wish To Pursue A Degree In A Technical Field Such As Computer Engineering Or Computer Science
  5. Have A Passion For Technology In Computers Or Computer Science
  6. Are A Graduate or Undergraduate Student.

These are most of the requirements however, it would be wise to check this out a little further to ensure that you do meet these if you intent to apply.  However, anyone can apply for this scholarship.  It is open to everyone as long as the students wish to study in the computer science or computer technology field.  Anyone can be free to apply and whether you are looking for a scholarship for people with glasses or another reason, this could help.

The Application Process and Waiting Time

To be honest, the application process can be quite simple and easy.  However, the waiting time can vary from time to time.  Sometimes, the waiting may only be a few weeks, only it might be longer.  This process can vary because it’s a very difficult process of having to choose which students to give the scholarship to as there is so many that deserve the scholarship and there simply isn’t enough to go around.  Hopefully the waiting time isn’t too long or drawn out for all students.

A Great Scholarship for All

This is one amazing schooling help for those who cannot afford to go to university.  This is also great to give someone who may not have the ability to take their education higher for one reason or another.  The scholarship is great and it does offer lots of people the chance and the ability to actually continue to study as well as get a step up the ladder into taking a step closer to their desired career path too.  The Google Lime Scholarship is a great program.

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